air and oil filters

Air and oil filters for vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors are used to separate solid particles. Regular cleaning of air filters or replacement of worn air and oil filters helps to avoid breakdowns or downtime, improves performance and reduces energy consumption.

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Filtr do pompy próżniowej wkład papierowy

Filtry do pomp próżniowych

Vacuum pumps suck in air (gases) from a defined working space. Accordingly, it is possible for solid particles

A dirty filter reduces the efficiency of the machine. Therefore, the condition of the filters should be regularly checked and cleaned as well as periodically replaced .and moisture to penetrate into the interior of the device between the mutually rotating elements.

In the case of oil-free (dry) vane vacuum pumps, ingress of a foreign body can cause the graphite vanes breaking.

In compressors, excessive oil contamination and premature wear of the filters can cause the temperature to rise too high and cause shutdown or damage.

Due to the material from which it is made, we distinguish several types of air filter elements:

  • paper (easy to clean with compressed air),
  • polyester or metal (resistant to moisture, easy to clean with water or detergents),
  • with active carbon (it does not clog and destroy, despite collecting residual grease or oils).

The selection of the appropriate filter model is based on the amount of compressed air flow and the type and amount of contamination. To choose the right filter, we need:

  • device type,
  • manufacturer’s number,
  • filter dimensions.

In the absence of the above data, please contact us.

We offer air and oil filters for vacuum and pressure pumps from various manufacturers, including Becker, Busch, Rietschle. Our assortment includes both original and alternative air filter elements from well-known western manufacturers.

We recommend to replace the filters with each oil change.

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