graphite vanes

Graphite vanes are distinguished by temperature and mechanical strength, as well as sliding properties. Their use does not require the use of lubricants and oils in the pumping space. For this reason, they are used in oil-free (dry) vacuum pumps, blowers, compressors and vacuum-pressure pumps.

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90134900007 Łopatki grafitowe 63x43x4 mm Becker 7 szt.

Graphite vanes are consumables that are susceptible to wear and require regular replacement according to the device’s instruction manual. The consequence of damage to the graphite vane is stopping the machine and thereby stopping the technological line. In some cases, such an event can even damage the smooth surface of the cylinder, which is a very serious fault. That is why it is so important to monitor the condition of the graphite vanes on a regular basis. When replacing, pay special attention to the correct orientation of the vane.

Graphite vane selection

To choose the right graphite vane, simply provide the manufacturer’s original order number, the device type or the data plate. However, if the above-mentioned data is unknown or illegible, measure the channels into which the vanes are to be inserted (length x height x thickness of the graphite vane). WARNING! Values ​​given in millimeters [mm].

We offer original graphite blades from Becker, Busch, DVP and Elmo Rietschle, as well as alternative ones.

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