side channel blowers

Side channel blowers (single-stage and two-stage) are used for oil-free conveyance of air and inert gases. They are used in many machines and vacuum-pressure installations for pneumatic transport, gas evacuation, aeration and drying. The maximum pressure difference between air or gas inlet and outlet depends on the number of stages as well as power and rotational speed.

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Blower motors can be powered by an inverter, and the underpressure and / or overpressure generated by them is free from pulsation.

Side channel blowers, additionally equipped with air filters, are practically maintenance-free and very quiet.

Side channel blowers

Single and double stage side channel blowers are designed for the suction or compression of non-aggressive and non-explosive gases or mixtures. The absence of lubricants ensures that there is no oil in the compressed fluids. Depending on the layout, the blowers can be mounted vertically or horizontally, but must not be exposed to vibrations or shocks.

In order to ensure failure-free operation of the blowers, it is absolutely necessary to observe the replacement and service intervals of the worn out bearings. Depending on the function / application, the blower can be equipped with a pressure relief valve or a vacuum valve and an air filter on the suction side.

Basic advantages of blowers:

• long service life,
• low noise level, small dimensions and weight,
• stable operation without unnecessary vibrations,
• no maintenance (due to the lack of the need for lubrication and replacement of spare parts),
• easy installation, commissioning and operation,
• no contamination of the conveyed gases, oil-free air,
• solid and damage-resistant construction.

Application example:

• pneumatic transport,
• vacuum transport,
• in pneumatic lifts,
• aeration,
• air removal from sterile rooms,
• oxygen supply,
• removing impurities,
• in printing machines,
• suction of air (polluted, warm), water or waste from the work area,
• extraction of filings or sparks during welding processes,
• dewatering, air conditioning, drying and ventilation,
• blowing and / or ventilation in electroplating plants,
• filtration devices.

Our offer includes single-stage and two-stage blowers from such producers as DVP, Elmo-Rietschle, Goorui, FPZ. Higher overpressure values ​​will be provided by two-stage devices in which the air passes through the successive stages. Single-stage and two-stage side channel pumps are designed for continuous operation and allow both suction and delivery.

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