Compressed air refrigeration dryers

Compressed air refrigeration dryers (condensing)

Compressed air refrigeration dryers treat the air produced by the compressor. They consume less energy and can operate in more polluted environments than adsorption dehumidifiers. For this reason, refrigeration dryers can also be used on the construction site, for finishing work or in the workshop.

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They achieve the best performance at high ambient temperature and high air humidity (manufacturers specify their efficiency at 30°C and 80% humidity). Their operating costs are minimized by no need to replace the factor.

For these reasons, they will be ideal for use in the processing industry – paint shops, in the chemical industry, wood or metal processing. All of the industries listed above require equipment or tools to be protected from damage caused by excessive moisture.

Compressed air refrigeration dryers – principle of operation

Refrigeration dryers, otherwise known as refrigeration or condensation dryers, dry the air by cooling it. As a result, a large amount of water is condensed, which is removed from the compressed air.

The condensation dryer consists of a refrigeration compressor, heat exchangers (condenser and evaporator) and a fan. Their maintenance requires the placement and systematic cleaning of an oil de-oil filter and a dedusting filter of the process air, which catches dust and dust from the moist air taken by the fan at the inlet.

The fan transports the condensed water to the heat exchangers. These devices reduce relative humidity by condensing it on cold surfaces (evaporator walls) by lowering the dew point of compressed air (typically to approx. +3°C).

The condensed water is collected in a tank, and then the resulting condensate is discharged through the installed condensate drain. The cooled and dehumidified air is heated by the condenser and returned to the room.

Compared to air dehumidification by heating or ventilation, refrigerated dehumidification does not require air exchange in the room. For this reason, it is an effective solution that reduces energy and costs.

Our offer includes refrigeration dryers from BOGE, KSI Filtertechnik, OMEGA AIR and FRIULAIR.

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