Membrane compressed air dryers

Membrane compressed air dryers

Membrane compressed air dryers are used, among others, in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries, but also in medicine. That is, wherever it is important to catch any impurities, moisture and oil vapors so that they do not get to the production line or to patients.

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Membranowe osuszacze sprężonego powietrza

Their name comes from the membrane element into which compressed air flows, and where water vapor is separated from the air. Interestingly, their productivity does not depend on the conditions of the working environment (i.e. humidity and ambient temperature).

These devices are characterized by low maintenance costs, because they do not need to be connected to electricity. They clean compressed air from water in a mechanical way.

A large part of the air is discharged outside the dehumidifier, and a small amount returns to the membrane to remove water molecules from it. They are ideal for applications requiring low airflow, and their relatively small size allows installation in many configurations.

Quiet operation, ease of use and shock resistance are other undoubted advantages of membrane dryers.

They are distinguished by low energy consumption and the ability to adjust the dew point (from +3ºC to -70ºC). This value informs about the temperature at which water vapor changes its state of aggregation to liquid. It is this parameter that should be paid attention to when choosing a membrane dryer, because it determines the permissible air humidity in a specific application.

Another important aspect is the air purity class. Medical applications where the purified air is in direct contact with the patient require the highest purity. On the other hand, the air purity class in other industries, such as paint or food, will not require such stringent standards.

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