GRV rotary vane compressors - better than screw!

GRV rotary vane compressors – better than screw!

Sprężarki łopatkowe GRV - lepsze, niż śrubowe sprężarki

GRV rotary vane compressors are designed for the air and toughed gases. Equipped with cast iron bodies of increased durability, steel impellers and composite blades. Above mentioned ensure many years of trouble-free operation at low cost of exploitation and maintanance.

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Sprężarki łopatkowe GRV - lepsze, niż śrubowe sprężarki

The warranty

The warranty up to 5 years for the compressors and up to 15 years for compression stages is a standard if properely used and serviced. Vertical vane compressors also occupy a small built-in area.

Constant capacity, regardless the mileage

The advantage of vane compressors is the constant capacity, regardless the mileage. Appropriate choice of materials and lubrication as well as self-compensation of blades ensure the device remains unchanged for over 15 years. Compared to the screw compressors, the simple design of vane compressors – one rotor – provides higher durability and reliability.

Wide range of speed / output control

The variable-speed version (FU) of GRV vane compressors provide a wide range of speed / output control. In addition the advanced and user-friendly PLC control system provides the information not only about the basics as temperature, pressure, oil level and working time but also on the current air flow. For GRV series ONE and DUO with capacities 4÷40 kW, an integrated heat recovery system HR for domestic and / or process water is available.

Graphic, touch panels and Ethernet

The 4,3” FTF color graphic display allows to pre-view work and manage alarms, as well as shows the need for service. New controllers are equipped with a touch panel with ModBus, which allows to connect several compressors into one system. The remote supervision via Internet / GSM is possible thanks to Ethernet.

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