flow and pressure meters

MFP flow and pressure meters and MF flow meters by Mindman

The digital MF air and neutral gas meters as well as the integrated MFP flow and pressure meters from Mindman are characterized by high accuracy, reliability and repeatability of measurements.

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MF cyfrowy miernik przepływu Mindman

Power supply:

  • 12-24Vdc,
  • NPN or PNP transistor outputs.
  • voltage 0-5V, or current 4 ÷ mA

Flow measurement ranges:

  • from 0 ÷ 0.5 l / min to 0 ÷ 2000 l / min

Pressure measurement ranges:

  • -100 ÷ 1000kPa, 90 ÷ 1000kPa
Applications of MF flow meters and MFP flow and pressure meters

These extremely useful devices are used wherever it is necessary to control the parameters of a stream of compressed air or other inert gases. These devices make it possible to determine the speed of movement of substances in the pipeline. Thus, we can determine the speed of air/other gases as well as a mixture of gases and water vapor. Flow signaling is critical to the industrial infrastructure. It provides the basis for making key choices.

MF / MFP meters equipped with displays can generate alarms informing about exceeding the flow / pressure parameters. Connected to a PLC or computer via the RS485 interface, they can generate reports on pressure, flow and media consumption.

MF and MFP meters have been widely used in the automation of mny processes. For example in the machinery, chemical, automotive, printing, food or vacuum-pressure packing machines.

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