pressure gauges and regulators

Digital pressure gauges and regulators of the MP series with digital display

The Mindman MP digital pressure gauges and regulators are control and measurement devices for industrial applications. These devices are mainly used by usufructuaries and service technicians of pumps, compressors and other vacuum-pressure devices. They provide excellent protection against overload and ensure long-term stability of the operation of vacuum-pressure devices and installations that require regular inspection. The offered devices allow you to check the pressure in the range from -1000mbar to max. 10bar.

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MPG-60 cyfrowy miernik Mindman
Principle of operation

The pressure measurement is possible after connecting the measuring stub to the installation, tank, etc. Then, by applying 12 ÷ 24 Vdc power to the appropriate wires of the MP regulator. The MP measuring element is a piezoelectric transducer that converts the pressure into a 0 ÷ 5V voltage signal, or a 4 ÷ 20mA current signal.

Depending on the version, there are also 2 transistor outputs (PNP or NPN) that can be used to control ON / OFF pumps, compressors or other technological devices. On the display you can read, among others, the current pressure at the stub pipe and the pressure setpoint. After powering up, it is also good to auto-calibrate the MP regulator. The controller also remembers and displays, depending on the version, extreme pressure (minimum or maximum). Thanks to this, it is possible to test the stability of the system and its tightness. After a short time, the display of the MP controller goes into sleep mode. Thus significantly reduces energy consumption and possible discharge of the battery.

Use of pressure regulators

MP series regulators are widely used for measuring and stabilizing pressure (negative pressure) in central vacuum and compressed air systems. Both in industrial and laboratory conditions. They are used in hydrophore systems, central heating and domestic hot water systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems and refrigeration. These devices are necessary in vacuum dryers, freeze dryers, sputtering machines or vacuum furnaces. We can find them in lines for the production of lamps and bulbs, vacuum metallurgy, research equipment and many others.

Advantages of pressure regulators

The main advantages of MP pressure indicators and regulators include ease of installation and commissioning, as well as accuracy and speed of measurement. These devices are characterized by small dimensions and weight as well as minimal energy consumption. The robust housing and the lack of moving parts make them resistant to shocks and vibrations. They are easy to use and the way they operate is maintenance-free. Resistant to overload, they are characterized by long-term stability, even at extreme pressure surges. The regulators ensure pressure stabilization.

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