Solenoid valves

Types of solenoid valves:
Solenoid valves are controlled by electricity. The signal transmitted due to the electromagnetic field phenomenon causes a change in the location of the valve, the control part of which is the so-called magnetic coil. The valves available on the market are characterized by a relatively simple – no less reliable – construction.


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There are the following types of solenoid valves:

normal – the opening opens due to flowing current. The moment the current stops flowing, the hole closes;
two-way – have only one inlet and outlet. used in classic pipe connections;
three-way – they have two holes and three connections. Thanks to them, it is possible to alternately ensure the inflow or removal of pressure from control valves, starters and actuators;
four-way – have four pipe connections. One goes to pressure, two more to the cylinder, and the last to outlet. Thanks to connections it is possible to ensure proper cooperation with starters or double-sided cylinders;
impulse – works well at larger lines and higher pressures
directly acting – used to close or open the opening. The valve is directly influenced by a magnetic core.

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