Becker is a producer of vacuum pumps and compressors, which are widely used in almost all industries. The company’s goal is “to find adequate solutions that will allow you to rationally distribute your resources and implement your priorities.” Becker is a brand known for setting standards for the high quality and value of services rendered. Their innovative devices and advanced vacuum systems increase competitiveness and efficiency in business.

Becker original spare parts

The use of original spare parts ensures efficient operation of pumps and installations. Thanks to their use, the risk of failure decreases. Optimal fit and high-quality materials help avoid additional repair costs as well as undesirable, expensive machine downtime.

Additional benefits of using genuine Becker products are: minimized maintenance costs, long life spares and increased machine availability.

The spare parts offer includes:

  • Filters
  • Filter cartridges
  • Oil separators
  • Graphite paddles
  • Composite blades
  • Metal blades
  • Service parts:
    – service packages
    – repair packages
    – screw packages
    – gasket packages
    – oil sight glass packages
    – spacers packets
    – clutch inserts
    – bearings
  • Pressure regulating valves
  • Vacuum control valves
  • Drain valves
  • Check valves
  • Vacuum safety valves
  • Pressure safety valves
  • Reverse valves
  • Gas-ballast valves
  • Lubricants
  • Oils
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