Dystrybutor DVP w Polsce

DVP Vacuum Technology offers oil-free rotary vane pumps, oil rotary vane pumps, blowers, oil-sealed pumps, piston pumps, claw pumps, industrial systems as well as accessories and repair kits.

This is one of the main players in the vacuum technology sector for almost fifty years. Globally, it competes in the production of vacuum pumps and compressors that can be used in many industrial sectors.

Italian quality

The company is headquartered in San Pietro in Casale in Bologna, Italy. In addition, DVP also has three branches in Europe and Latin America and a wide sales and service network on every continent.

Listening to the client’s needs is a real business mission of the company and allows achieving the highest level in unique solutions. Products and processes are adapted to specific needs thanks to DVPLAB research.

DVP Vacuum Technology offers innovative and custom solutions, maximizing the “price / performance ratio”. In addition, it cooperates with local authorities in initiatives that ensure sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental development.

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