Dystrybutor Finder Pompe w Polsce

Finder Pompe is one of the leading European companies designing and manufacturing engineering pumps and systems for industry. These devices are advanced technical solutions and are characterized by high durability. The company has nearly seventy years of experience in the design and production of reliable devices. The headquarters and production plant are located in Merate, Italy.

In the beginning, it was a small company operating in the heating and air conditioning industry. Soon after, Finder Pompe became one of the most interesting and dynamic companies on the Italian market.

The company’s offer includes products such as liquid ring vacuum pumps – single-stage (DEX and MEX – LEX series) and two-stage (CDS – NP series).

Liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems are used in virtually every industry. Indispensable wherever there is a need for drying, dehydration, sterilization, degassing, crystallization and vacuum filtration.

In power plants, vacuum systems are used to flood water boxes, extract air from condensers, and desulphurize flue gases.

Finder vacuum pumps can be manufactured to API681 standards.

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