KSI Filtertechnik


Dystrybutor KSI w Polsce

KSI Filtertechnik has been a strong and reliable retail partner in the field of compressed air technology for over 25 years. The company develops, designs and builds intelligent system solutions of the highest quality. The core business includes product groups:

KSI ECOCLEAN® filtration technology
ECOTROC® adsorption technology
CONDRAIN® and KONTREC® condensate management

Since autumn 2014, the company’s headquarters is in Willich in the Lower Rhine region, next to Düsseldorf. A full range of products designed in 3D is developed here. Technical drawings are made, prototypes are built and tested, final products are assembled, quality is monitored and registered. All in accordance with EN ISO 9001.

KSI produces important elements of its wide range in the Czech Republic and England. After strict quality control, the products are transported to Willich for final assembly.

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