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Lampa stroboskopowa i jej zastosowanie w przemyśle

Strobe lamp and its application in industry

Strobe lamp

A strobe lamp emits light at a certain frequency. The device gives the impression of stillness or slowing down of objects that are actually moving. It creates the effect of jumping about, for example, characters, which is often used in the theater, as well as a visual setting at discos. Strobe lamps are also used in the industrial sector.

Strobe lamp and its application in industry

In industry, the strobe can be used to measure the speed of rotating machine elements. By matching the blink band to the rotational speed of the object, it seems to be stationary. The use of such a solution allows precise measurement of the rotational speed of objects without the need for physical contact. In addition, obtaining the effect of “apparent stop” of the tested elements also allows the diagnosis of possible defects, parasitic oscillations and other undesirable disorders.

Strobe – advantages

These devices are characterized by high accuracy for readings above 900 rpm and in these ranges are synchronized with the frequency of the power grid. The advantages of using a strobe to measure speed are the lack of power consumption from the network during the measurement. Thanks to this, there is no slowdown or stoppage phenomenon when power drops in the case of small devices. In addition, it also gives the opportunity to measure the speed of rotation of those machine elements that due to their small size can not be reached with an ordinary tachometer. The strobe is also used to determine the vibration, noise, runout and stress arising from the rotation of the device. This is to locate mechanical defects and interference in machines. All thanks to the ability to set and calibrate the frequency of the flash emitted by the strobe.

LED strobe

The operation of LED stroboscopes is based on lighting a rotating element with a beam of flash light produced by LEDs. The GRADOS company’s offer includes both LED strobe and xenon lamps.

Stroboscope app

The demand for stroboscopes translates into the creation of mobile applications. Thanks to them, every smartphone user can always have a mini strobe in their pocket. However, please note that these applications have many limitations. For professional use in industry, we recommend using separate specialized strobe lamps.

Monarch Instrument strobe lamp

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