Nitto Kohki


Nitto Kohki is a Japanese manufacturer of technologically advanced devices, operating on the market since 1956. As the official distributor of Nitto Kohki in Poland, we offer customer service and technical support for the sold devices. Our offer includes MEDO LA air blowers series, DP and VC compressors series , piezoelectric pumps (Bimor) , AC series of linear piston compressors (low pressure).

The brand’s philosophy is to offer “people-oriented” products. As a consequence, the company is focused on offering products that use energy-saving and labor-saving technology. It is a global company with 38 offices around the world, including 6 production plants. It designs and manufactures high-quality products based on the basic technologies of fluid mechanics, precision mechanics and, more recently, electronics.

Devices of this brand are widely used. We can find, among others, in medical and hospital equipment, laboratories, aquaculture, wastewater treatment systems (also for houses), air quality testing, electronics and semiconductors, printing, the health and beauty sector and many others.

Filters and repair kits for MEDO LA blowers by Nitto Kohki

For each of the Nitto Kohki MEDO LA blower we offer appropriate sets of filters, repair kits and other accessories.

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