Dystrybutor Schwarzer Precision w Polsce

Schwarzer Precision has been developing and manufacturing miniature pumps, micro compressors, liquid pumps and vacuum pumps for over 40 years. Their products are used in the highly specialized medical sector, laboratories and analyzes.

Schwarzer Precision stands for exceptional quality and excellent service. They maintain direct contact with their clients and business partners to thoroughly understand their requirements and meet them without compromise.

Being an independent, medium-sized enterprise allows you to produce at an optimal price-performance ratio, even for individual small production batches.

Adaptation to highly specialized applications

All parameters of each of the available pump types can be customized to suit your requirements, for example:

  • pressure and vacuum
  • volume displacement and pumping head
  • operating point at a given back pressure
  • operating voltage
  • maximum power consumption
  • membrane pulsation characteristics (adaptation to sensor sensitivity)
  • valve vibration characteristics (preload adjustment)
  • pump installation dimensions
  • type and location of attachment points
  • exit direction of the hose connections

In addition, their pumps can also be adapted to sensitive environments and particularly demanding operating conditions, such as:

  • particularly high tightness of the pump head
  • particularly low noise during operation / low vibration
  • especially long service life
  • resistance to aggressive gases and liquids, etc.

In addition, a standard economical program is available for large industrial series.

In 2011, the company was awarded the “Große Preis des Mittelstandes”, which is the most desirable award for economic achievements in Germany. Schwarzer Precision received the Grand Award for exemplary company management from the first contact to after-sales service.

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