Side Channel Blowers Atlas Copco

Dmuchawy bocznokanałowe Atlas Copco serii DB

Side Channel Blowers Atlas Copco DB series include as many as 80 models available in single- and two-stage versions. These devices are characterized by high efficiency with low energy consumption (standard equipment includes an IE3 class motor). Low noise level, operational safety and environmental friendliness thanks to the oil-free design are another undoubted advantages of the DB blowers. These are reliable and durable devices, whose periodic technical maintenance is limited to a minimum thanks to the modular design, lack of oil and non-contacting working elements. All of the above features make these blowers ideal for industrial applications.

Side Channel Blowers Atlas Copco – DB series:

  • DBS – single-stage with one rotor (up to 1000 m³/h and low vacuum up to -350 mbar)
  • DBD – two-stage with one rotor (for flow at vacuum levels up to -450 mbar)
  • DBSt – single-stage with two rotors in a parallel arrangement (large volume of sucked air (up to 1980 m³/h) at unit vacuum levels up to -300 mbar)
  • DBDt — dual stage with two rotors are the most technologically advanced models, providing high flow rates and higher vacuum levels.
Side Channel Blowers Atlas Copco DB series – example applications:
  • Pad printing
  • Pick & Place
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Paper cutting
  • Adhesive films
  • Drying (Stickers, surfaces, polymers)
  • Roller cleaning
  • Vacuum tables
  • Furniture sublimation printing systems
  • Yarn processing
  • Auto body shops
  • Suction (Condensation, excess paint, shavings, dust)
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Wine production
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